Is Netflix’s Business Model Anti-Audience?

Is Netflix’s Business Model Anti-Audience?

Netflix’ bussines model leads to investment in several different TV Shows at once. However, if any of these shows don’t satisfy certain metrics it is cancelled, typically with no resolution.

So far, they have cancelled the following shows with no resolution:

  • A Dark Crystal
  • The OA
  • Daredevil

Reluctant Audiences

Netflix’s cancelling of TV shows is a known issue. It may workt for their business model, but for entertainment consumers it creates a sense of anxiety and trepedation in investing in a new TV Show. In the context of a binge-watching culture, why would we invest in watching a TV show only for it to be canncelled, with no resolution, after one season. As one TV critic stated:

If I’m going to commit to watching a full season of a show, I’d like to be confident that doing so will not ultimately lead to nothing but loose narrative threads and a cliffhanger that has to be resolved by the show’s creator in an interview post-cancelation.

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