SUBU Campaigns

SUBU Campaigns

Say My Name

The aim of this campaign is to promote a more inclusive campus experience from students of all backgrounds. This campaign is targetted at University Staff specifically and promotes awareness of the important of correctly, and mindfully, identifying peopling using their preferred names and pronouns. This issue of being ‘mis-identified’ can make students less likely to participate in classes, and further exclude those who are already marginalized.

International Student Communities

Bournemouth University has over 2,600 students from 120 countries. As an international student, you would face the same anxieties and challenges facing national students but with additional exclusionary barriers. This can include issues with cultural adjustment and feelings of isolation. This campaign will seek to promote community building amongst international students, and signpost support available.

‘Hidden’ Students

This campaign is to promote awareness, build communities, and signpost services available to students from non-traditional pathways. This can include, but it is not limited to:

          Mature Students

          Part-Time Students

          Students Returning from Interruptions

          Students with Care Responsibilities

          Students with Disabilities

‘Hidden’ here is intended to capture the sense that these students can often be lost in the assumption that all students come to University straight from state education.

Opportunities and Professional Developments

This campaign is to promote the various professional and personal development opportunities available on campus. Student tuition fees cover more than just their degrees but often these additional services are under-utilized. This can include, but it is not limited to:

          Careers Service


          Language Learning

Environmenstrual Campaign

This campaign would advocate for people who menstruate and raise awareness of the significant cost of sanitary products. As well as the cost of these products, this campaign can cover issues of period stigmatization, product sustainability, and inconsistent access.

Student Rights

Students are granted certain rights as enshrined in law. These rights cover everything from what changes the University can make to its teaching, to what are students’ rights in issues of dispute. The intention of this campaign would be to raise students’ awareness of their rights, and explain the role of various legal frameworks and regulatory bodies such as the Office for Students.

Mental Health

To promote the availability of Mental Health and Wellbeing support services on campus and externall. This may include connecting to national events and, credible, sources of support or advice.