Workshop Activity: Develop your Campaign

Workshop Activity: Develop your Campaign

Campaign Overview and Rationale

  1. What is the overall aim of your campaign? To educate, inform, raise-awarness, gather stories, create a community, change behaviours etc. etc.
  2. What is the name of the campaign?
  3. What are the Aims / Goals of your Campaign? Specificity is better.
  4. Can you summarise the significance / scale of your issue? Who / what is it affecting and in what ways?
  5. How will your campaign support / help with this issue?
  6. Are there any comparable campaigns you are taking inspiration from (good or bad), is so what specifically?
  7. What theories of persuasion and online communications are you using?

Social Media Strategy –

  1. Which social media channels are you going to be using? And Why?
    1. Existing social media channels, which ones?
    2. If you are aligned with SUBU, have you done a social media Audit?
  2. If you are creating a new channel, then what is the profile image, banner image, handle, bio? How does this align with the campaign?
  3. What is your posting schedule going to be? How are you going to present it?
  4. What is your social media style guide? How are you presenting this?
    1. Typefaces, colour palettes, logo design and usage etc.
  5. What kind of content are you going to be posting? Can you provide indicative content?
  6. What social media triggers / sharing triggers will you be using? Be specific.
  7. Which other social media accounts will you be drawing inspiration from / speaking to?


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